Online Accident Report

File a Crash Report

If you have been involved in an accident, and need to file a crash report, please read and follow the below instructions:

1.  Be sure that the accident occurred within the geographical boundaries of Franklin Township.  You may not file a report with the Franklin Township Police Department that did not occur within the township limits.  If your accident occurred within another jurisdiction, you must contact that jurisdiction to file the report.  If you are not sure, call the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 525-3333.

2. The form you are requesting is in .pdf format.  In order to print a copy of the form you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

3.  Open and print the Crash Report Instruction Pages:  Instructions

4.  Open and print the Crash Report Pages:  Accident Report

5.  Following the instructions on the Instruction Sheet, complete the crash report.  IMPORTANT:  DON’T FORGET TO SIGN THE REPORT!  You may bring the report into Police Headquarters at 2193 Frank Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43223 or mail the report to this address. Private Property & if you exchanged information and need a report for your insurance company.

Please move the vehicles off the roadway if you are causing a hazard.