Police Levy

We are asking for passage of a permanent Police Levy this May, it will replace our temporary Levy.

For the Police Department to continue to provide the same level of services going forward, there is a need for a replacement of the current temporary levy.

Help Us STOP the Columbus crime wave from coming over into our areas!! Our crime statistics have almost double for last year! We are experiencing higher than normal shootings, auto thefts, thefts and assaults every month!

Without the additional dollars there will be no choice but to cut some of the services now provided. That will mean less police officers on patrol in our neighborhoods and protecting our community.

We have had several officer’s leave our department over the last few years for other departments because they fear our temporary levies will not pass and would cause layoffs. We need a permeant police levy for us to offer a stable position for our police officers.

Our department does extensive background investigations on applicants and a three month field training program before an officer is released to work alone. We hire, train and supply the officers with a bullet proof vest, gun, leather gear and 6 fitted uniforms just to have our good officers go to other agencies due to fear of layoffs.

At your cost we have supplied the Franklin County Sheriffs Office, Columbus Police Department, Madison Township Police and several other police departments with great law enforcement officers, It’s time to stop! Passing a permeant levy will help us keep the officers we train and hire.

Please understand without levy dollars our Police Department cannot continue to operate. The additional 1.25 mills being voted on will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $3.65 a month or 12 cents a day.